Books For Highly Sensitive Individuals​

Every HSP has a favorite go-to book on sensitivity. But there’s still a lot of misunderstanding in the world about highly sensitive people (HSPs), and there are still HSPs out there who don’t understand their trait. Countless others know they are highly sensitive, but still struggle to deal with overwhelm, anxiety, and simply being understood. View our list of Books For Highly Sensitive Individuals​.

Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive, Embrace the Science of Sensitivity: Heal Anxiety and Relationships, and Connect Deeply with Your World


Hay House 2017
Writers Workshop Award-Winner​

Are you often told that you are too sensitive? Can you intuit things before they happen?

Using a new and specialized framework for understanding empaths and sensitive individuals, integrative health coach Courtney Marchesani demystifies the science of sensitivity to help you maximize your gifts of empathy, intuition, vision, and expression. Her insightful sensitivity quiz will help you to recognize where your strengths lie, while her Mind-Body Method will help you to heal from the past and current trauma affecting your sensory processing.


Learn how to recognize the gifts of sensory awareness, so that you can experience more accuracy with your intuition, maintain healthy relationships, create innovative solutions, and have effective, authentic communication. Allow your sensory intelligence to shine and relish your profound ability to connect with the world by honoring your unique gift of sensitivity.

​Feeding the Trauma Spirit How to Nourish the Hidden Body: the Art of Healing Mind, Body, Spirit

Have you ever experienced a health challenge that wasn’t able to be diagnosed or healed?


In 2005, Courtney suddenly and inexplicably lost feeling in the right side of her body while at a mental health training. For a few terrifying moments, she was unable to walk, speak, or move her right arm, leg, and muscles in her face. After the paralysis wore off she was immediately rushed to the hospital in Seattle Washington, only to learn there was nothing wrong. 


What she didn’t know at the time, her body had been sending subtle signals for at least two years. Courtney was set on a path of healing trauma within the hidden body.  In Feeding the Trauma Spirit, she teaches health coaches, counselors, and spiritually-minded readers the crucial steps she took to uncover the signs and symptoms of sensitivity.  

The Energetic Psychopath: How to Protect Yourself and Recover from Violence

The Energetic Psychopath is the first book to link the acute-stress of intimate violence with heightened sensory awareness.

“Some people have the luxury of waking up from a nightmare and saying, ‘It’s only a dream.’ I don’t have that luxury. When a dream like this comes, I have to look at it and make decisions.”

So begins Courtney Marchesani’s tumultuous memoir. One January morning, a startling dream of her daughter’s abduction convinces Courtney to use her intuitive gifts, despite a lack of evidence in the waking world, to save both their lives.

The Fifth Chamber: The Art of Love and Ecstasy

Are there limits to the power of desire?

After a string of failed relationships, Camille Dean withdraws from the world of serial dating. In the stillness that follows, she develops a bizarre theory that suppressed sexual energy will manifest her soul mate. Her quest to beguile karma receives an unexpected assist when an ancient book arrives at her door.

Against the plea of her best friend, Anya, Camille opens Love & Ecstasy. The magnetic words within inspire a journey that takes her from San Francisco’s seedy counter-culture to its high society. With each new risk she moves closer to her truth and deeper into deception. The Fifth Chamber charts one woman’s search for truth and love through the transformative power of sex.

Books By Courtney Marchesani

Courtney has written several books based on her relentless search of understanding the power of intuition and sensitivity.