What Is Detoxification?

Why Do HSP's Detox?

What is detoxification? Buzz words can be annoying, and detoxification is one of them. Although for sensitivities, a detox can be one of the most powerful, life-changing approaches to balance health. Many of us are already aware of food sensitivities, or allergies, and have become more ‘clean’ in our eating. What most people don’t realize is that we are sensitive to many other things besides food. Things you can’t see, taste, touch, or smell. We are sensitive to energies in our environment, emotions of other people, and even to the toxic load of our families.

What Is Detoxification​
How To

Detoxification Guide

Detoxification takes on a whole new meaning when you consider what you are exposed to in your environment every day. You’ll learn there are plenty of ways to support yourself as you go through this process. The first steps of this process are below.

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Colonics & Enemas

These are an optimal way to maintain a healthy colon, the body’s main channel for eliminating waste such as toxins. I would recommend one through this program.

Exfoliation & Sweat

Open pores, get rid of dead skin cells, and stimulate the lymphatic system. Dry skin brushes are a great way to support the skin and release toxins during a detox.

Nature & Outdoors

Get Outside- Take a walk, get into nature and get some fresh air into those lungs. If you live by a park, make it a daily habit. Nature trails are also a great source of detox.

Slow Down

Please remember to take it slow and be easy on yourself during your detoxification process. Treat yourself to a massage, sauna, spa day, meditation or simply take a hot bath.


Massage is a great way to get in touch with the fascia of your body. Muscles, tendons, ligaments all hold the stress you absorb each and every day. Improves circulation and energy and also reduces anxiety.


Yoga is an excellent mind/body art form that allows the body time to de-stress and unwind through stretches, postures (called asanas), and breathing (called pranamyama).


A core strengthener involving calisthenics, breathing, and stretching to help with the body’s posture, reduction in pain, Improve functionality of the body as a whole (structural / skeletal / muscular).


If you have access to a pool swimming is a great way to aid you in your detoxification process. Research has shown the benefits of swimming help to decrease sports injuries due to stress on joints and muscles.


Naturally detox using the sun. Sunshine delivers Vitamin D3, also known as the “sunshine vitamin” that kills bacteria, fungus’s and viruses. All you need is between 20-30 minutes of sunshine a day with sunbathing and fresh air.

Detox Tip - Sweat It Out

Did you know your skin is one of the largest detoxifying systems on your body? It’s working hard for you, so make sure to take the time to take care of it. Use a dry brush 3 – 5 minutes before a shower, bath, sauna, or steam.

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