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Courtney Marchesani, CEO of Inspired Potentials, has worked with strategic partners and non profit partners as a consultant in specific housing projects, advocacy work, community activism, and through her lobbying efforts. With a strict focus on intervention, planning, and partnership Courtney’s past work has had an impact on homelessness, domestic violence prevention, and expansion of affordable housing.

Costa Rica

Through our Costa Rican Corporation, Courtney’s become an expert in the hospitality industry. Here’s her philosophy on being successful in international business in her own words. 

“I learned on the fly about the hospitality industry and its super competitive cut-throat marketing style. I’ve had to sharpen my elbows even further (from working in lobbying and social services!) while navigating an odyssey of complicated laws, unscrupulous behavior, and deceptive tactics. Thank goodness for the relationships and special experts I’ve come to know and call, “my friends.” Without this network of people I’d have failed a long time ago. What I learned was this: the challenges of doing international commerce without establishing a foothold in the local community will destroy a business.”

These are some of the great corporations Courtney Marchesani has partnered with, including non-profits she’s supported over the last decade.

Specialized Programs

Courtney has a long track record working with technical programs. One of her specialties is navigating through complex overlapping systems and teasing out relevant pieces for any given project or program. Courtney focuses her organizing efforts using detailed research, technical studies and making an impact through the discovery process.




As the CEO of Inspired Potentials, Courtney recognizes and emphasizes strategic partnership with corporations. Through her work in partnerships, she places a high value on corporations providing unique donations (including ‘in-kind’) for events, sponsorship, and strategic partnership. We have included a few below that have been successful partnerships for auction donations, in-kind gifting, and grants.


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