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Tune into these podcasts on health as well as wellness, spirituality and more.

For those in need of some straightforward training tips and expert motivation to help get back on track, plenty of coaches and nutritionists are available in audio form. These shows explore health through individual stories of survival, endurance and transformation, or through candid interviews in which guests reflect on their psychological struggles. Whatever version of wellness you’re seeking, there are many podcasts to get you in better physical and emotional shape. Check out some of the best Podcasts On Health and Wellness.



Dive into a podcast during your a long commutes, workouts at the gym, and downtime in the bathtub, among other places. If you’re wondering if that’s a good thing, it may help you to know that podcasts interact with your brain in the same way stories do. A 2016 study found that listening to podcasts stimulates multiple areas of both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Accessing information via the human voice can generate activity in parts of the brain responsible for memory, sensory activity, and emotion.

Benefits of Podcasts

If that’s not enough to get you listening to podcasts, we’ve compiled a list of some great ones. These health podcasts were chosen for accuracy of information, originality, and listenability.

These podcasts are a modern, efficient way to increase your knowledge base about virtually any topic, including those that affect the health and well-being of your body, brain, and spirit. If you’ve got 15 minutes or more to spare, check them out.

Living a healthier life might seem like a tall order — the nutrition, the exercise, the inner happiness! But having some friendly advice at your disposal, whenever and wherever you need it, makes it easier and more fun.