FAQ About Integrative Medicine Health


General Questions

We know you have questions about Integrative Medicine Health. We have answers. Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions.

Sensory Processing Sensitivity is a unique perceptual difference in approximately 20% of the population.  Generally called sensitivity, it has also been described as as an ability to quickly process stimuli from the environment with greater depth of processing and faster emotional reactivity. It was first tested in the 1990’s and studied by Dr. Elaine Aron a clinical psychologist who invented a test called the Highly Sensitive Person Scale to identify and help highly sensitive people.



However, sensory processing sensitivity affects every aspect of our health from the way we perceive the world, to how our bodies handle stress, and also our relationships.



While there are many theoretical reasons why highly sensitive people (HSP’s) perceive more information from their environment and feel an emotional reaction faster, one reason might be a specifically neurological function called, mirror neurons. Additionally, I go into depth describing mirror neurons and how they might help shape the four gifts of sensitivity (empathy, intuition, vision, and also expression) in my book (released February 16th, 2021), Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive.



Mirror neurons’ reflect information from our environment back through the brain. These neurons ‘mirror’ the attributes of what type of action might be seen, heard, and also felt so that we can respond accordingly.  This information can then be used for taking action.




A Health Coach is a wellness professional who works with clients one-on-one or in group settings to help them achieve their personal wellness goals including weight loss, boosting energy, or also sleeping better.  Often times integrative medicine coaches specialize in certain areas of health such as gluten free diets, anti-inflammatory ingredients, reducing sugar cravings and balancing blood sugar, or they are detoxification specialists.


Integrative Health Coaches also assess primary foods versus secondary foods and act as a supportive mentor and guide to help their clients discover which foods and lifestyle support get them feeling their best.  Additionally, coaches are also accountability partners and even partners who give an unbiased approach to their clients and empower them to live the lives they love.

Health coaches and doctors have the same goals but use different tools. Additionally, doctors and Physicians trained in western medicine offer solutions to their patients based in surgical interventions, pharmaceutical medications, and through prognosis of specific symptoms.



However, health coaches are not ‘treating’ anything clinically. They are trained to use healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and also mind-body therapies to gain balance, achieve health and wellness, and feel better.

Their end point is the same.


While many health coverages do not cover health coaching services several large providers are starting to. However, it depends on your health care coverage and benefits. Health care insurances that do cover health coaching are:


  • Humana
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Vera Whole Health Care

Did You Know?

The Politics of Health Coaching

Currently, there is a lobbying effort in Congress to recognize and adopt health coaching standards in the health care industry. Additionally, lifestyle change is the new prescription for good health, and Health Coaches will lead the way. Health Coaches have also met with over 300 members of Congress and are now included in 5 pieces of federal legislation. Also, learn more about H.Res.121 – Expressing support for health and wellness coaches and “National Health and Wellness Coach Recognition Week”.

Achieve Your Wildest Wellness Goals

Research shows you’re 500% more likely to succeed when you partner with a coach.​ Request an introductory consult to see what makes our approach different.