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The first step is engaging in a 15-minute Coaching Connection. This introductory health coaching call (or televisit) offers a peek into Courtney’s wellness approach and why integrative medicine is different. Get the best Online Holistic Health Coaching

Why Online Health Coaching?

Chronic disease has reached epidemic proportions; it’s currently the leading cause of death and disability in the United States. Six out of ten adults have at least one chronic disease, many of which have contributing lifestyle and nutrition risk factors. Education about holistic nutrition and lifestyle factors is key to improving health and reversing the cycle of chronic disease.


Through coaching sessions, I will be identify poor lifestyle choices, goals to overcome them, and a plan to meet those goals. They empower people to make real change, whether that’s dietary, environment, activity or any other area that’s negatively affecting an individual’s health.

"I've never met anyone like her. She's a real force of nature. I call Courtney, 'Rolling Thunder' because she comes up to the plate entirely, every time, with strength and generosity of spirit."
Gary Swanson
Actor, Teacher, & Lifetime Member of the Actor's Studio

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