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Engaging A Coach Increases Your Success

Research shows you’re 500% more likely to succeed when you engage a supportive, accountability partner like a coach.

The top five symptoms of burnout from sensitivity:

The first step is engaging in a 15-minute Coaching Connection. This introductory health coaching call (or televisit) offers a peek into Courtney’s wellness approach and why integrative medicine is different. Then, after completing a short assessment, you can choose to meet regularly discuss your ongoing health plan (health and wellness goals, dreams, and big vision). Throughout the coaching process, you’ll generate ideas, brainstorm, and create a plan to set yourself up for success.


Good coaches offer SUPPORT while you’re making changes, they don’t tell you what to do. The difference between Courtney’s approach and other styles of coaching is her deep empathic listening and staying present in the moment.


Whether it is losing weight, decreasing inflammation in your body, going gluten free, or addressing a long term issue with food sensitivities your assessment and intial consult will give you an idea how a health coach offers support while you navigate new and powerful approaches to create lasting change.


What Our Clients Are Saying

“Thank you for the precious gift of sharing your time with me. Thank you for getting to that confusing inner pattern so quickly and helping me to release it. I feel so much different now and life is truly in the flow and things keep falling into place. Thank you thank you.” –  Katharine Mies, Switzerland

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​Our specialty areas include:
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