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“Many times anxiety stems from hypersensitivity which has been unprocessed by the mind and body.”

Courtney, M.S., Certified Health Coach

Courtney Marchesani is the author of Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive and developer of the Highly Sensitive Gifts Test. Named as the 2017 Hay House Writer’s Workshop Award winner, her insights into sensitivity help readers identify their gifts of intuition, empathy, vision, and expression to maximize their potential, while also learning how former trauma may have shaped them.


Courtney’s health and wellness coaching style focuses on holistic medicine and finding balance while living with sensitivity. Since sensitivity is closely interconnected within the nervous systems and brain functioning, it is not something to “get rid of”. Her empathic style emphasizes nonjudgement and acceptance, learning how sensitivity’s silent effects can impact mental, emotional, spiritual health and wellness.

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