Intuition Demystified

There is a widespread public interest in the intuitive arts these days. People like Teresa Caputo of TLC’s hit series Long Island Medium and Chip Coffey of A & E’s Psychic Kids, Children of the Paranormal come to mind. Teresa is not only intuitive she is a medium who ‘sees’ and ‘hears’ spirit. Add psychic… Continue reading Intuition Demystified

3 Intuitive Powers For Dissolving Writers Block

“A novel idea about using this process is at first, you don’t try to write. Practice the exercises and watch the creativity flow.”  – Courtney For centuries linguists such as Plato and even modern academics like Noam Chomsky, have debated the evolution of language. These intellectuals have questioned whether it developed out of necessity for… Continue reading 3 Intuitive Powers For Dissolving Writers Block

Death, Anxiety, and Bon Jovi

A realization hits. Hope is considerably smaller than I am. She stands at roughly five foot four (maybe less), blond matted hair drenched in sweat, with heels digging into trampled grass. I’m using all my weight pressing back the wall of concertgoers in Pocono Down’s Race Track field. All of this effort so she can… Continue reading Death, Anxiety, and Bon Jovi

Magic Mushrooms: The Healing Power of Shrooms

Originally published in Pure E Women’s Magazine, 2006 by Aimee Grant, Skin Care and Health Consultant   We all know about the psychedelic properties of mushrooms. Whether you’ve partaken and experienced these hallucinogenic benefits, well…we’ll never know, but what about their other healing properties?   Mushrooms for healthy skin? Yes, they are becoming very popular… Continue reading Magic Mushrooms: The Healing Power of Shrooms