Mental Health Anxiety Support

Mental Health Anxiety Support   Mental Health Anxiety Support. Courtney Marchesani, M.S. is a Mind-Body Medicine practitioner and highly trained mental health coach. She also specializes in work-life balance, reducing the impact of stress, and deep self-care practices.  

Best Nutritional Coaching

Best Nutritional Coaching   Best Nutritional Coaching. Nutrition can be so confusing. Over a hundred different plans purportedly help with health and wellness like anti-inflammatory, vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, mindful eating, paleo, keto, and on and on. So what’s the right one for you?  

Mental Health Coaching

Mental Health Coaching In this day and age, it’s more about mental fitness and less about “mental health.” You probably get the idea. There’s a movement to move away from the mystifying words we use to describe mental wellness because we need to be more resilient than ever before.

Holistic Health Program

Holistic Health Program   Health can be measured in many ways and is often broken down. All into a variety of numbers and diagnoses that don’t often provide the best picture of what a truly healthy body and mind looks like.

The Energetic Psychopath

Do you know an Energetic Psychopath? Can you identify an energetic psychopath? How to Identify the Energetic Psychopath Pattern   Since 2012, there have been more than 90 school shootings alone. That doesn’t include other large-scale massacres like bombings. The violent nature of tragic shootings continues to make the nightly news. The aftermaths are increasingly… Continue reading The Energetic Psychopath

Our Toxic World

by Hannah Albert, ND for Pure E-Magazine Healing From Our Toxic World Start healing from our toxic world. The beauty of the Pacific Northwest is legendary. Nature and all things “natural” seem to be a way of life here comparable to few other places in the country. Most of us take it for granted that… Continue reading Our Toxic World

Championing The Super In Being Human

Everyone’s heard about the mother who lifted a car off her child in a moment of superhuman strength. What does being human mean? When recalling this story do you imagine a small one hundred pound woman lifting a heavy Cadillac off of her toddler? That’s how I remembered it. It was a story from my… Continue reading Championing The Super In Being Human

Intuition Demystified

There is a widespread public interest in the intuitive arts these days. People like Teresa Caputo of TLC’s hit series Long Island Medium and Chip Coffey of A & E’s Psychic Kids, Children of the Paranormal come to mind. Teresa is not only intuitive she is a medium who ‘sees’ and ‘hears’ spirit. Add psychic… Continue reading Intuition Demystified

When a Master Finds Meaning, Life Blooms

Some teachers are naturally gifted when it comes to spotting our trouble spots or as Dr. Wayne Dyer calls them, ‘Erroneous Zones.’ These zones are the negative thought patterns so ingrained in our daily consciousness that we can’t see them for ourselves. The greatest teachers pause, listen deeply, and identify our strengths and weaknesses. They… Continue reading When a Master Finds Meaning, Life Blooms

Summon Your Courage and Bust Through 3 Common Camera Fears

Champions don’t become champions in the ring. They are recognized there. In our boxing ring, the entertainment industry, a performer hears the sound, “Action!” instead of a fight bell. This cues an actor to penetrate through the camera. Bringing scripts to life is our job. From Audrey Hepburn’s charming and charismatic performance as Holly Golightly… Continue reading Summon Your Courage and Bust Through 3 Common Camera Fears