Best Nutritional Coaching

Best Nutritional Coaching   Best Nutritional Coaching. Nutrition can be so confusing. Over a hundred different plans purportedly help with health and wellness like anti-inflammatory, vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, mindful eating, paleo, keto, and on and on. So what’s the right one for you?  

Mental Health Coaching

Mental Health Coaching In this day and age, it’s more about mental fitness and less about “mental health.” You probably get the idea. There’s a movement to move away from the mystifying words we use to describe mental wellness because we need to be more resilient than ever before.

Holistic Health Program

Holistic Health Program   Health can be measured in many ways and is often broken down. All into a variety of numbers and diagnoses that don’t often provide the best picture of what a truly healthy body and mind looks like.

Our Toxic World

by Hannah Albert, ND for Pure E-Magazine Healing From Our Toxic World Start healing from our toxic world. The beauty of the Pacific Northwest is legendary. Nature and all things “natural” seem to be a way of life here comparable to few other places in the country. Most of us take it for granted that… Continue reading Our Toxic World

Strength is Beautiful

There are certain things which when ‘seen’ cannot be unseen. For example, while working out at the gym last week, cycling as if I was evading a pack of wild dogs, which is to say for my life, I looked up at one of the many T.V.’s mounted to the wall. What I saw shocked… Continue reading Strength is Beautiful

Jim Croche, Robert Swanson, and All Good Things in a Bottle

Hailing from Pennsylvania, we’re required to pay tribute to all things PA, including PA artists. Some honor Springsteen, others Jon Bon Jovi, and for the millennials there’s Taylor Swift. For me, it’s Jim Croche, especially his songs “Big Bad Leroy Brown” and “Operator”. I even had a friend from Philly whose mom frequented the same… Continue reading Jim Croche, Robert Swanson, and All Good Things in a Bottle

And I Get To Do It All With You

Sometimes the hardest stories to share are the ones worth telling. It was 2013 in Homer, Alaska when I met Steve Johnson, the founder of Alaskan Flower Essences. For several years I had seen the training he offered, but lived in Seattle and then Livingston, Montana. So, I couldn’t swing the long trip to Homer.… Continue reading And I Get To Do It All With You

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep….Uh Not

Achieving Health and Beauty Achieving health and beauty from the outside-in is impossible. Here’s why. The human body is made up a 50 trillion cells. Every second each cell in your body coordinates billions of chemical reactions. Every day your heart beats 100,000 times pumping 7,500 litres of blood through 59,520 miles (96,000 kms) of… Continue reading Beauty Is Only Skin Deep….Uh Not

Are We Living too Short and Dying too Long?

Yeah, nutrition is where its at right now. But, I think of proper nutrition as getting us somewhere else. It allows you to get the best quality of life. Its not the end-all, be all. That would be a pretty big bummer. Except, that is where a lot of us get stuck. On counting calories,… Continue reading Are We Living too Short and Dying too Long?