Canyon Explorations

by Nadia White Grand Canyon Exploration Suddenly, it seemed I was being followed. Out of the shadow, my won shape now preceded me. I put my hand on the canyon wall to counter the disorientation that seemed to come with stopping and looked back. Indeed, I was no longer alone on my grand canyon exploration.… Continue reading Canyon Explorations

A Walk in the Footsteps of the Ancient Ones

silhouette of native american shaman with pikestaff on background of sunset beutiful in mountains

Written by Bernice Notenboom Originally published in National Georgraphic and by permission to Pure E Magazine 2006 A Walk in the Footsteps of The Ancient Ones   Imagine…   Pictographs painted on waves of desert varnish; red sandstone cliffs hovering over a fertile canyon; the amber glow emanating from tipis; the resonating beat of a… Continue reading A Walk in the Footsteps of the Ancient Ones

Artist Kim Merriman, Prone to Serendipity and ART

Just one look and illumination. Traveling exactly where, I cannot tell. A waterfall of cobalt light pools beneath outstretched butterfly wings. As it pours forth, slinking down hidden planes,Artist Kim Merriman knows where it’s headed. She is it’s creator, “It’s a spark of light in the soul that it touches.” Artist Kim Merriman, Prone to… Continue reading Artist Kim Merriman, Prone to Serendipity and ART

Midstream, Missoula’s Chief Biologist Wease Bollman

Midstream, Missoula’s Chief Biologist Wease Bollman   A Missoula woman’s career change turns work from labor to livelihood by Jodee Zunker   Certain caddisflies pitch tents atop streamside rocks and decorate the doorway with a silken net they spin themselves. The structure is a change from the insect’s gritty larval home, an elegant retreat within… Continue reading Midstream, Missoula’s Chief Biologist Wease Bollman

Molly Murphy Art

by Heidi Wallace, For Pure E Magazine Molly Murphy Art Can you open a box and find your way home? Molly Murphy, a Missoula-based artist of Oglala Lakota, descent thinks so. She has created a box of traditional inspiration and personal abstraction. The exterior of the box is covered in abstract, free-form beaded designs inspired… Continue reading Molly Murphy Art

All That Glitters…..

Best Skincare For Wintertime   Ladies, have you winterized your skin and makeup bags for the upcoming winter season? This is the time for celebration with family and friends and looking radiant morning through night is essential. The winter season is the driest time of the year, and it’s important to take precautions to safeguard… Continue reading All That Glitters…..

Best Bath And Salt Scrubs

Best Bath And Salt Scrubs   Elise Krohn, Herbalist Here we are, heading into winter again. As the blustery winds pick up and the frost dusts the leaves, my body instinctively wants to slow down and hibernate. Winter is the time of darkness, silence, dreaming. It is in these cold quiet days that I am… Continue reading Best Bath And Salt Scrubs

The Energetic Psychopath

Do you know an Energetic Psychopath? Can you identify an energetic psychopath? How to Identify the Energetic Psychopath Pattern   Since 2012, there have been more than 90 school shootings alone. That doesn’t include other large-scale massacres like bombings. The violent nature of tragic shootings continues to make the nightly news. The aftermaths are increasingly… Continue reading The Energetic Psychopath

Our Toxic World

by Hannah Albert, ND for Pure E-Magazine Healing From Our Toxic World Start healing from our toxic world. The beauty of the Pacific Northwest is legendary. Nature and all things “natural” seem to be a way of life here comparable to few other places in the country. Most of us take it for granted that… Continue reading Our Toxic World

Championing The Super In Being Human

Everyone’s heard about the mother who lifted a car off her child in a moment of superhuman strength. What does being human mean? When recalling this story do you imagine a small one hundred pound woman lifting a heavy Cadillac off of her toddler? That’s how I remembered it. It was a story from my… Continue reading Championing The Super In Being Human