Love The Skin You’re In: Mobu And Transdermal Medicine

What The Heck Is A Mobu?



At the end of last summer, I met an amazing woman named Tricia in Anchorage, Alaska. She’ll admit that she kinda cyber stalked me for a few months before we were finally able to get together. However, I’m glad she stuck with me despite my crazy schedule. Why? Because she introduced me to Mobu Herbals – herbal skincare and medicine.


We rushed to an impromptu meeting in the height of the Alaskan summer, bolstered up by the 24-hour sun. It was literally as Tricia had some time and I had a spare hour to burn. I rushed down to my selected meeting place, The Kaladi Brothers Coffee Company.



It is and will always remain one of my favorite places to meet because of the laid back attitude, woodsy feeling, and of course because of their trademark goat.


Herbal Skincare and Medicine


Ever so briefly, we introduced each other and Tricia graciously handed me a cardboard post office box filled with herbal products. We talked about our lives a little and the beginnings of my health practice, as I peered inside the package. I was wide-eyed like a little child at Christmas as I saw the Mobu tins, bottles, and silver sample packets. I was intrigued….what do I need to know about these? How do I use them?


Tricia gave me some words of wisdom about the products and promptly left.


I don’t take health products lightly, especially products designed for delivery through the skin. First, I think that the toxins in a lot of over-the-counter and specialty beauty products are abhorrent. Without taking a deep dive into the industry, one can look at any typical drug store beauty product and find over ten to twenty names that are not pronounceable nor are they immediately identifiable. Anytime I see a long list of strange words, I use caution. Who knows what they do to our skin?


Second, with skin rashes, flare-ups, eczema, psoriasis, and other serious dermatological issues we find that these types of symptoms are the hardest to treat in the health and wellness world. Often times when skin flare-ups occur we rush headlong into our doctor’s offices. Doctors usually respond, “Skin issues are tricky.” They recommend over-the-counter topical steroids. The most common is Cortizone.


The science is already here that shows disruptions in the skin are an inside job, not an outside job. I love Dr. Libby, an Australian doctor who goes into the science and biology of the skin in extreme detail. You can find her online or read her book here. Quickly, Dr. Libby explains that what we see on the external layer of the skin is actually the inside layer working it’s way outward. Every month you completely regenerate your outer layer of skin. Our skin is actually a reflection of the condition of our internal health and biology.


Most beauty or health products are not marketed to us with this idea in mind. They often promise long-term solutions for anti-aging, better elasticity, reduction in pimples, and many others. This quick-fix marketing doesn’t touch the basic idea that the outer epidermis layer is done, it’s dead, and will soon slough off disintegrating into our shower drain.


While I understand under extreme duress, Cortizone and other products can provide relief by reducing inflammation, scratchy, itchy, and irritated skin conditions there are ways to treat these issues, but it takes time and work. Changing the diet to more alkaline-based foods is one way. So is drinking water, skin brushing, herbal preparations, and many more.


Recently I’ve been using Mobu Herbals, an all-natural products company pioneered by a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Janell Cole. She started her company due to the loss of a close family member and seeing a lack of medicines that are fast-acting, highly effective, and affordable.


She also ran her own health clinic and saw recurrent patterns in her patients and decided to make herbal medicines that could help. According to Dr. Cole her products are, “100% natural and take the guesswork out of essential oils. All products contain a precise mix of essential oils and herbs to give you the fastest comfort.”


While I’d highly recommend Mobu Herbal for skin conditions (use S.O.S. cream and ointment, Extracting Balm ), I am most excited about the salves and lotions that increase vitality, reduce anxiety, and help stop and heal the onset of sudden viral infections; Vitality Balm and Cream, Kava Calm, and C.C.C. (Cold, Cough, and Congestion).


I’ve been trying these products for six months and I have to say I’ve seen a world of difference in my skin, mental clarity, and mood. You can contact me to learn more and also find the Mobu website here.


The exciting idea behind these herbal medicines is they are fast-acting. They are applied onto the skin. Many medicines are ingested by mouth and pass through the liver. For those individuals that have liver issues, some medicines can tax this precious organ. Although rare, some pain relievers such as acetaminophen and NSAID’s (ibuprofen, naproxen, Motrin, and Advil)  can disrupt our liver function. Transdermal delivery is a safer and gentler way to receive the benefits of powerful herbal medicine because they bypass the liver.


While I continue to highlight and search for products that work, are all-natural, and safe I’m going to continue to use Mobu, which stands for Medicinal Organic Botanicals Unite. These herbal remedies are a safe alternative to pharmaceutical drugs, get into your bloodstream faster than most over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription medications, while also having faster relief and fewer side effects.

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