Woman Cannot Live On Bullet Alone

Four weeks into the ketogenic diet and I can honestly say it has a way of fueling my body for the long haul. This is definitely the most radical program I have ever tried and sometimes after having a bullet coffee, I’m not hungry for six or maybe eight hours. For me, that is unheard of.


My typical day starts with a keto rocket fuel latte, vinyasa yoga or strength training, and then work. While I was dubious about any kind of bullet style coffee at first, I must admit the fat (whether from coconut oil, MCT oil, butter, or cacao butter) carries me a long time through out the day – even through the hour of soaking wet sweaty hot yoga.


Since bullet coffee is the bulk of my nutrients first thing in the morning, I concoct the most nutritious blends of it.


As I mentioned in my other post the blogger at Healthful Pursuit had some great ideas so I drew a lot of inspiration from there. Last week I listened to her #051 podcast on Thyroid Health with expert, Vivian Menegaz who specializes in the therapeutic ketogenic diet – the most rigorous form of the three. It was very interesting, especially for women who are struggling with hormonal, autoimmune, or digestive issues. You can find the podcast here.


I also found a lot of great ideas for fat bombs, keto-approved desserts, and more substantial meals although I haven’t had to press many of them into service because I’m not hungry and don’t eat all that often. I did make this delicious chocolate peanut butter fat bomb recipe which lasted me about a week from Divas Can Cook. It was incredibly easy and tasty too.


Over the last month, I’ve realized I am not getting enough fat with each meal. Its much easier for me to eat greens, roasted red peppers, vegetable soups, and even make homemade spiced almond mylk everyday, but leave out the recommended 65% or more fatty fat. So, I find myself reaching for a delectable slice of cheese, a glass of almond mylk chai, or bone broth. I have to say, if you’re not prepared to have something fat-filled around and within easy reach you might run into trouble. Since I prepared like crazy what I had lots of was food. Food I wasn’t hungry for and had to have my husband eat in order not to waste.

On a fast day I’ll have a bullet coffee, 8 – 10 oz bone broth in the afternoon, and a small plate in the evening with my family. Its surprising that the feeling of deprivation has completely disappeared whereas in a normal day if I don’ t have anything to eat by noon I’d be starving. The ketogenic plan using fat virtually knocks all cravings, feelings of starvation, or deprivation out of the ballpark which has major appeal.


I think its safe to say I’ve hit ketosis. I need to have the bullet coffee before I get moving and active. I’ve been incorporating vinyasa hot yoga into my ketogenic plan as a way to stay active and connecting my mind-body-spirit in the process for fully integrating this major nutrition change in my life. Also, in the last week I’ve been adding in Jon Gabriel meditations morning and night. If you haven’t heard of Jon Gabriel I highly recommend him. He’s an incredible health coach and innovator of mind-body medicine in his approach to fitness and weight loss.


In my search for keto-approved foods I found a new yogurt that works. Its a lactose free full fat variety. You can find it here:


This is a photo of a flavored version. I wanted to show you the brand, but I got the plain which has less sugar. It was the lowest sugar content per serving of all the yogurts I searched through at my local grocery. That included Nancy’s, Yoplait, Coconut, and all the others. According to my research Straus Creamery full fat yogurt.


One of my other favorite recipes was Sarah Wilson’s granola. According to her site, this was the most popular recipe in her first book, I Quit Sugar. You can find the recipe here. It is a bit labor intensive and you have to have a few ingredients on hand to make it a more complex granola that will satisfy but it’s worth it!


For next week, before my trek home to PA I want to make these beauties! Coconut bombs. I have found lots and lots of recipes on Pinterest for coconut bombs and so I’ll be experimenting with a few to find the best.

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